Fuel Injector Testing

Fuel Injector TestingAre you having any fuel system issues that partake of the fuel injectors? Guess it’s time to carry out fuel injector testing. Fuel injector testing and cleaning is aimed at several beneficial motives. Firstly, it is purposed for removing any foreign contaminants inside or outside the injector that may obscure the fuel flow or degrade the fuel flow pattern. Secondly, fuel injector testing accurately measures the fuel flow ability of each of the fuel injectors. Thirdly, fuel injector testing has another of its prime objective as obtaining quantitative data on injector performance. The values obtained will henceforth be used in matching the injectors in the different engine cylinders and also will come in handy while tuning the engine fuel system.

But the big question is; when is it time to carry out fuel injector cleaning? The following are the symptoms that you should watch out for whenever you are in doubt of whether or not to carry out fuel injector testing:

  • Restricted fuel injector passages
  • Erratic running of the engine (may be as severe as engine knock or detonation)especially in turbo-charged engines
  • Heat soak caused by the waxy olefins left clinging onto the injector nozzles as the engine and hence the injectors cool after the engine has been turned off. This waxy varnish can build up and clog the passages over time. Luckily, fuel injectors cleaners continually rid the injectors of this deposit
  • Shorts, opens or excessive resistances in the injector solenoids can cause problems. The Ohm test will detect any of these faults then the injector can be repaired or replaced.
  • Another yet important indicator of malfunctioning injectors is longer crank times.
  • Check engine comes on due to engine misfire code, failed balance test, and reluctance of the engine to start even on a full tank are all signs of fuel injector in dire need of testing and thorough maintenance.

fuel injector cleanersVisually inspecting the fuel injectors prior to more scrupulous methods will tell you a lot on the condition of the particular injector you have before you. The varnish or waxy olefins that abide by the exterior as well as the interior walls can be clearly seen especially if the buildup has transpired over some prolonged period of time. To avoid such, it is recommended that you continually use fuel injector cleaners. The flow test entails pumping a gasoline-like test fluid under a pre-determined pressure. The injectors are pulsed or continually being triggered by an electric signal built-in the testing equipment.

The flow rate is measured and at the same time the spray pattern is visually inspected under either bright or strobe lights. An ideal conical shaped mist of atomized fuel is the ultimate desired shape.

In the event that the fuel injectors fail in one or both the electrical resistance and flow tests, then corrective measures need to be taken. A rather preventative and effective means is by continued use of best injector cleaner. Periodically, ultrasonic cleaning may be carried out in the machine. A combination of the solution and the ultrasonic treatment goes a long way in keeping your fuel injector cleaners in tip-top condition throughout your driving experience.